Thursday, July 3

Tell it to the Criminals

My recent post "Update: Never Push Your Luck II - Joe Horn Innocent" brought a good number of comments like this:

Anonymous said: He also shot them in the BACK, over property. Anyone who puts property over human life is screwed up and didn't have parents teach them properly. - Link
Now take this recent news item:

Brian Beutler, a leading liberal blogger was shot three times in the stomach during a mugging, I'm told by mutual friends (then confirmed by TPM). It's especially sad as this poor guy had no business getting shot -- some desperate guy wanted his cellphone. - AmSpec Blog
Lecturing people is a good thing.  Just make sure you are lecturing the right people.  Law abiding gun owners wouldn't have anyone to shoot at if people just stopped stealing.  As for shooting people, criminals have always been willing to shoot others for things that don't belong to them.  If this guy really needed a cellphone, then he could have sold his gun.  I guess what he really needed was parents to teach him that actions like this are wrong.  So, who is going to tell the greater population of Washington, DC that their crime problems would go away if they spent a little time being better parents...


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fretless said...

Joe Horn did the right thing. I'd be thankful and proud to have him as *my* neighbor.