Thursday, August 30

MRAP Crew Survives Massive IED Explosion

IEDs have been a problem for the US Military in Iraq. Basically, it has been the only real way of striking the US (and now more often Iraqis as they build up their defenses) by using their ever depleting terrorist manpower.

The US has responded by introducing the Mine Resistant Ambush Protected vehicle commonly referred to as the MRAP. This is what they look like fresh out of the factory:

Here is a photo

of a USMC Cougar mine resistant and ambush protected (MRAP) vehicle after it had been hit by a very substantial IED in Iraq. The crew escaped with only minor injuries and no one was killed, even though the blast ripped the engine from its armoured bay and hurled it over 100 yards - EU Referendum

Just look at this thing! Go to EU Referendum (here and the here) to see more impressive photos of this wreckage. This vehicle is totaled, but the important thing is that it did its job by protecting those inside it. There you can also read about the UK's own issues dealing with the IED problem in which their Land Rovers are not suitable to defend against.

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