Wednesday, May 4

You Are Going to Need a Bigger Car

Here is a photo of a car fully loaded down that we came across one day while on I-95 headed up to Baltimore.

According to the Smart website, the car can carry 500 pounds which I think is very good for it's size. Still, I can't help but wonder if maybe, just maybe, they might be better off with something a little bigger. It is interesting to see that the car can be loaded up like that in a professional manner.

Still, this is a good example of the ridiculousness of the President's comments a couple weeks ago on how Americans should go look for cars with better gas mileage as there is no fit's-all solution for most families. For us, we have a Volvo XC70 wagon and a Volvo XC90 SUV. It turned out that the wagon ended up being just a little too small when traveling and when having guests over we needed to take two cars places. So, when I traded in my also small-ish BMW 325i last fall, I ended up with the SUV, both for the all wheel drive and also for the fact that it has the 3rd row to permit seating for up to 7. We have already used the car a number of times with 6 and it has been a great solution to getting around. That said, all during the week I am driving it to and from work all alone.

One more thing about the President's dismissive comments about the high price of gas. It totally ignores the problem that high fuel prices are killing people every time they purchase home heating oil and every time people purchase an airline ticket. (And all sorts of other things...)
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