Friday, January 8

Video from Sea Shepherd Boat ADY GIL just prior to being Rammed by Japanese

If for no other reason, this video is great because it shows just how quickly a vessel can come out of nowhere. At least the Japanese announce themselves early on with the LRAD.



As much as I am against Japanese whaling, I am more against the gangster tactics of Sea Shepherd. Funny, how they are totally unprepared for the Japanese to retaliate by acting in a similar fashion.

Sea Shepherd Boat ADY GIL Rammed and Sunk by Japanese Whalers

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Anonymous said...

I think Sea Shepherd had missed a great chance to stop the Japanese whaling. From the view point of domestic politics, it might have been high time to cut the governmental aid in the business - as you know the ruling party changed last year, so does the policy orientation. The government was actually willing to cut excessive spending in any field.

And guess what? Mainly due to this "war cry" in Australia and on the Internet, the ordinary Japanese are pushing the government to take more strong stand against Sea Shepherd. As long as the government supports it, the whaling will never be bankrupt. I think SS's tactics is not only working, but rather backfiring...

Terri said...

Pretty clear the Japanese were on a course and the anti-whalers were trying to cross it.

The anti's committed a crime.