Tuesday, June 10

Smart Car - For Four

They recently introduced the Smart Car to the US. I have been familiar with the car much longer than that, having run into one in Rome over New Years in the late 1990's. At the time they were not in Finland, the theory being that they were not suitable for the long snow and ice season. Well Smart is now in Finland and on the way 'home' on Sunday I ran across what I thought was a new Smart Car model, the Smart 'forfour':

According to Wikipedia, this model was a failed experiment as it is no longer for sale:

The Smart Forfour was a supermini produced by Smart from april 2004 through june 2006. Unlike the other models of the marque, the Forfour was a more conventional five-door hatchback with a relatively roomy interior, available as a four- / five-seater. - Wikipedia

Then again, there is probably the possibility of a return for sale in the US if Smart becomes a hit there.


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