Monday, June 30

Fruit Cake - It's Not Just For Christmas (Who Knew!)

I went to my sister-in-law's wedding while on vacation in Finland. Unfortunately, I was also invited to a wedding in the UK on the same day which we were not able to attend.

So imagine my surprise that a couple days after our return, that we receive a piece of wedding fruit cake.

Now if it had been any other sort of wedding cake I would never have tasted. But since it was fruit cake, I figured that I would test the 'indestructible' reputation that it has.  So, I cut it into three pieces and I, my wife and daughter tried it. I have to say, it was pretty good. My daughter even got upset because she wanted more and there was no more to be had.  This was no ordinary fruit cake.  Hay, maybe a trip through the mail in the summer is what it needs.

Ah, the mail.  I am a little bit confused how I even got a piece of the cake.  Customs would probably have seized the cake, had I brought it back with me.  However, there was no problem mailing it to me.  How strange.


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