Friday, June 6

Boat Taxi - Finland

Here is a photo of a boat taxi we saw while having dinner on the patio of Meri Makasiini which is right on the harbor, across from the shipyard in Helsinki, Finland.

The sign says 'From where ever - To where ever - You can ask!' It is marked that it is from the neighboring city of Vantaa, so he seems to have gotten a decent fare. I thought it was amusing that the boat has a taxi sign on top like regular taxis here have.



Ari Sawyer said...

Which harbor? Which shipyard? Meri Makasiini, as in Makasiiniterminaali? Just haven't heard of the restaurant before. Is it in vanhatori, or hietälahti?

Fred Fry said...

They are in hietälahti here.

Here are some pictures I took.