Wednesday, February 15

If the Vice President Shoots a Lawyer in the Woods, Does he make a Sound?

The Vice President Cheney's shooting incident was truly an accident. Watching the interview of the VP today, you can see that he was truly sorry for the error, as any person would be. The most amazing part of this whole incident is how the press has reacted, especially the White House Press Corps. As a whole, the White House Press Corp is about as useless a group as you could gather, second to perhaps the General Assembly of the United Nations, and the actions of the White House press corp covering this story proves it.

One would expect hard questioning from this group, but we all know that all they do every day is try to get something embarrassing to stick to the President. We have Plamegate, No WMD-gate, payments to place positive news stories-gate, NSA Eavesdropping-gate, and secrecy-gate. Lets not forget how the White House press Corp treats anyone who ends up in their midst and doesn't ask questions critical of this current Administration.

As we have all seen, the White House Press Corp is all riled up over not being informed immediately of what happened. At first I wondered why they would be so angry/upset. Then it occurred to me. How is it possible that the Vice President can go and shoot someone and NO MEMBER OF THE PRESS IS AROUND TO WITNESS IT?

Sure, this was not some public trip. Then again, when has Bush been on vacation without any press? No local press were around searching for a scoop. How can that be? This was not some indoor activity, nor some secret trip. This didn't happen in China, Iran, or North Korea where the authorities would have acted forcefully to conceal the story. The police knew about the shooting. Those at the hospital knew about the shooting. None of them blabbed to the press. Not even for (blood) money.

In fact, the story was first reported in a local paper, and not in the national press, in effect blindsiding the national reporters. That is what the press corp is mad about. Not about secrecy. After all, the story came out within a day of it happening and I think that is acceptable, especially considering that there is no evidence that anyone tried to conceal the story, other than complaints that it was not handed to the press on a platter.

As far as I am concerned, the White House should evict all current members of the Press Corps, starting with Helen Thomas, who has been pushed to the back of the room, and NBC's David Gregory, who always appears to have some sort of mission against the White House. Neither is a good example of "objective reporting" and are just wasting space. Perhaps they have spent too much time in that cramped room and have lost sight of the big picture.

They can be replaced with a rotating Press Corp of reporters from around the country. The group as a whole would probably still be as anti-Bush as the current group, but I suspect that they might be more competent. They would take the opportunity to actually ask relevant questions since they would only have the opportunity to ask questions at the White House for a week or so before they are rotated out.

The White House should strike now while they press corp is already angry. They have nothing to lose. This can be a wake-up call for the press to seriously look at how they are reporting the news, especially considering how many people must have known about this story and sat on it.

For example, check out today’s news story where the House voted 418-1 to stop funding for the new Palestinian Government. Who is the one who Congressman who voted against this?

Neil Abercrombie - Democrat from Hawaii

How do I know this? I read it at the Jawa Report.

It is a good thing that I read it there, because the press has not printed this information anywhere. Could all of the reporters covering this story all decide that the name was not important? Were all of these stories derived from one reporter’s story who omitted the name? Could be, but in either case, something is seriously wrong with the Press. We all know about it. How come these crack reporters don’t?

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