Saturday, February 18

If Images of Mohamad are Forbidden, Why look for them?

We are being told that one reason why all of these Muslims are upset is because it is forbidden to make images of the "prophet Mohamad." So imagine my surprise when I get a visitor to FFI from Iran who found my little blog with a Google search for "picture messenger mohamad"

Unfortunately, there are no pictures of him here. Not that I am afraid to post them. I think I have written enough to earn my own fatwa without having to post a picture. So if you want to be offended by pictures, go to this website which has posted photoshopped mohamad images. Do not go there if you are easily offended. Don't go there is you are a Muslim either.


Now if it is forbidden to use his image, what about using his name? Shouldn't that be forbidden too? Isn't naming your kid after the prophet Mohamad just as offensive to him as drawing a picture of him?

Update: 27 February 06

Don't think the web surfer above is the only one. Here is one from Syria:

And here is another one from another corner of Iran:

Last year I met a German woman who spent time in Iran. I did what most every American would do; ask questions about life there. The answers were most interesting. "Yes, alcohol is illegal but everyone knows where to get it." "Yes, women and men are not to meet, but everyone does it." The impression that I got was that the Iranian people were for the mostpart very moderate and many people violate the rules, at least in private.

Makes me wonder what the people think of thier new ruler and his new rules.

Update: 6 March 06:

More Muslim visitors looking for images.

One from Morocco:

And yet another one from Iran:

Update: 8 March 06:

One more. This time from Jordan:

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