Thursday, July 21

The Newest in Terrorist Wear

It did not take the super privacy rights activists to design their response to NY's announcement that they will randomly search bags of persons entering the NY Subway System:

Sure, being searched is a hassle. Then again so is ending up in the hospital, or ending up dead because the police decided not to search people belongings for backpacks filled with explosives.

I am not sure if the person behind this shirt even thinks there is a terrorist threat or problem. If they do, how does he expect us to find the terrorists before they strike NY, again.

You can bet that NY is on their hit list. Making a strike in the US will earn them many more 'points' in their jihad than what they have accomplished in London.

Now I hope that the Mayor bothers to take a second to reply to the stupidity behind the shirt and point out that nobody is forcing anyone to use public transportation and people do not have an unrestricted right to use public transportation.

I would also like to point out that anyone wearing this shirt will probably automatically be stopped for a random search. After all, you have caught the Police's attention and you are telling the police, via the shirt, that you refuse to be searched and that is exactly the same thing that the Terrorists would do.

Stalin would be proud of Mr. Tony Lu, designer of the shirt. You see, if enough people start wearing these shirts and manage to subvert the police's attempts so search those entering the Subway, they will create the opportunity for terrorists to enter the system unsearched. That makes Mr. Lu a Useful Idiot for those who wish to hurt us.

How about catching a clue. The police have way to much to do already. For some reason they decided that they want to peek inside your backpack. Do everyone a favor and take the ten seconds to open the thing up. They will immediately realize that they are not interested in you at all. Of course is a free country and you can refuse their request/order, but that decision might cost you a couple of hours of your life in delays or even a trip to the police station.

Oh yeah, be sure to leave your drugs and whatever else illegal you might be carrying around at home if you plan to use the subway, because if they find a backpack full of drugs you'll be off to jail too. Hmmm, this search idea is sounding better all the time.

NYers to NYPD: 'I Do Not Consent to Being Searched' - Village Voice (Should be "NYER to NYPD...")

Police to begin checking bags on subways - Newsday


I like this shirt better:

I found the shirt through a posting on:

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