Monday, April 15

Simply Put - A path to citizenship for Illegal Aliens is AMNESTY

Senator Marco Rubio was out on the Sunday talk shows stating that the draft Illegal alien immigration bill about to be dropped on the US Senate is not amnesty.

This is a lie if there is any path to citizenship in the bill for illegal aliens. You can legalize them, give them the right to work and this alone will solve the issue at hand of them being in the country already, illegally. 

There is no reason to put citizenship on the table. The illegal alien issue can be solved solely by providing a path to legal residency. It is fiction to say that those here will simply be put at the end of the line as many of them could not even get in line to come here if they had stayed in their own counter.

Personally I think they should all be deported, but as a realist, if this is not possible, then fine offer some path to legalization for those who have not committed crimes other than illegal entry and working without authorization. And for the others, show them the door. We have enough criminals here already.

Citizenship is a valuable reward for those who come here legally and agree to live by our rules. We should not give this reward away so cheaply.

As for Senator Rubio and any other Republican who backs this POS legislation, don't count on my vote for President. I'd just assume not vote at all.
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