Monday, April 8

MSNBC Host Melissa Harris-Perry » All Your Kids Belong To Us (Video)

You know what the sad thing is about this, is that there are lots of inner-city kids and their parents that probably can gain from some sort of community support in raising their kids, especially single parents. But these are not the kids that Democrats are interested in inserting themselves into their lives. Nope, it is the kids of conservative parents.

Sorry, but this lady is dead wrong. For both good and bad, kids do belong to their parents. If I decide that my child is not going to do something or is too young to learn about something, that is between me and my wife just as when we decide to teach our child something that other parents, or meddling adults think I should not.

Again, my kids do not belong to 'the whole community'.  Really, what kind of sick twisted logic brings her to this conclusion? Anyway, just another socialist professor...
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