Monday, May 31

Was the Israeli 'Peace Flotilla' Raid Botched?

Today comes news of multiple deaths as a result of the Israelis taking over the 'Peace Flotilla' ships. The media is calling it a botched raid, given the deaths.

I just wonder how the media thinks the Israelis were expected to stop the flotilla when the flotilla was committed to not stop for any reason. Simple fact, they were told to stop and ignored the warning. This is how bad things happen.

Worse, it is clear that some of the people onboard the vessels took it upon themselves to take on the commandos. Surely, they were convinced that the commandos would not use deadly force. This is a really bad assumption to make, especially given that they already think that the Israelis are indiscriminately killing off Palestinians. I am not suggesting that they are. I am just saying that the 'peace' protesters believe this. And it is this belief that they should have taken into account before engaging in this deadly adventure.

I would think that the goal of the commandos was to avoid injuries. I can't say that I believe the same of the protesters. After all, they can prove useful as a propaganda tool. This case is no exception as outrage grows over the casualties. I do not know the intentions of those who are now dead, but I do know that they have each taken the role of being useful idiots for the cause they were supporting. For shame on the people who took advantage of them.

Instant update:
Do these look like useful idiots to you? Clearly the Israeli commandos were attacked as they boarder the vessel. It is a wonder that more of the protesters are not dead.


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Vigilis said...

Fred Fry, Israel appears to have asserted her preemptive right to self defense. Did her media-savvy enemies attempt to disguise arms smuggling as peaceful media-watched activism? We shall soon see.

There could well be a lesson here for the U.S. as regards evolving terror tactics. - Vig

Fred Fry said...

Once the protesters ignored a command, they kind of invited the type of response they got.

I do not think that the organizers were trying to smuggle weapons, but one never knows what some of their supporters might have been carrying with them. I would not be surprised to if there was money being smuggled as well as other non-,military banned goods. Surely, there will be some interesting cargo I think, as was with the last trips.