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OBAMACARE - A Big F.U. to Everyone who Voted Against, and For Obama

A quick though about the horrendous ObamaCare health care reform that Congress just shoved down our throats last night. Looking at the situation, I truly think that not only did the Democrats and President Obama fuck over those against ObamaCare. He and the Democrats also fucked over his supporters. Here is why:
  • First, this 'reform' will most likely only benefit those who would vote for Democrats no matter what they do or don't do for them. So it is hard to call it a payoff for supporters. However, the Democrats are sticking those who voted against them with a huge bill to pay for it. (Well, many who voted for them are getting a piece of the bill as well)

  • Second, All of the voters who are excited that the Democrats did this for them and who believed that we had to act NOW! because people were dying, are certainly going to wonder come election time in November, 2010 when they realize that all of the people without coverage will still not be covered, even though this 'reform' promises coverage for the uninsured.

  • Third, many of the current supporters are going to be outraged come Presidential Election time in 2012 when they realize that they are still not covered, even though this 'reform' promises coverage for the uninsured. And yet, they will still vote for Democrats because somehow the Republicans will still be evil.

  • Fourth, how many Americans are still going to die because the Democrats had to lie by hiding just how expensive this 'reform' is really going to cost. You can bet though that we will no longer be hearing health care sob stories of those who will be ObamaCare delay victims. (Note: This is in addition to all the babies that are going to get aborted, thanks to a Government fund this 'reform' sets up.)
Congress could have enacted good health care reform. But instead they chose to enact some monstrosity. Shame on them. Eventually the truth will come out, but it is sad that we have to subject ourselves to this painful road of discovery. Which, I am sorry to say, will become ever more painful once the Democrats somehow find a way to legalize all the illegal aliens out there and let them flood our health care system with high demand patients.

Here is one example of the lie being pushed forward. No, the doctor is not going to see you now. He might in 2014, provided he has not given up care-giving by then...

From the LA Times:
WASHINGTON (AP) — When President Lyndon Johnson signed the Medicare law in 1965, seniors got their health insurance cards less than a year later.

When President Barack Obama finally gets to hold a signing ceremony for his health care overhaul, the major expansion of coverage for uninsured workers and their families won't come until 2014 — after the next presidential election.

Parts of the plan won't be fully phased in for a decade, but ultimately 94 percent of eligible Americans would have coverage. - LA Times
And just think, starting in 2011:
Requires employers to report the value of health care benefits on employees' W-2 tax statements. - LA Times
This move will cost workers thousands of dollars in higher income taxes. Add to that the real possibility of the Bush tax cuts expiring at the end of this year.

Update 23 March 2010:
Ace of Spades has posted 'We Can Repeal This' which backs up my claim that ObamaCare is a big F.U. to most everyone both Republican and Democrat:
This is not the sort of bill that becomes "unrepealable" as Social Security and Medicare would. Social Security and Medicare paid their benefits to everyone who became elderly; there was something in each program for everyone. Sure, there were a lot of people who did not get out of these programs what they paid into it, but they got something out of it. Even if some richer seniors only got 80% back or so, well, eight cents on the dollar isn't a deal you'd normally take but it's also not so horrible a deal you'll get riled up enough to change your political behavior.

That has always been the secret of how the progressives shift income from the middle class to the poor -- they establish programs which have benefits for the middle-class, too, even if those benefits are less than what the middle class actually pays into the system. The middle class at least feels like it's getting something out of the deal, and, well, if they're not quite getting out of the deal as much as they put in, they shrug it off in the interests of being nice and helping the needy and so on.

But this bill doesn't do that. There is, in fact, no benefit for the 85% of the country that have part of their salaries diverted into a third-party insurance plan. There is nothing for them but additional taxes and additional rationing of their care so that part of their salaries -- I am stressing, a health insurance plan is just a part of your salary -- can be paid to someone else.

On top of that, the plan will add trillions to the deficit, as even with all those new taxes and rationing of care and impounding people's salaries to give them to someone else, it still isn't paid for.

I just don't see this like Social Security or Medicare. Those benefited the middle class, and furthermore benefited everyone, eventually (assuming they didn't die earlier in their lives). This bill benefits only a discrete, easily-identifiable fraction of the population at the direct and unambiguous expense of everyone else.

I just don't see this plan ever becoming popular with those being forced to hand over larger and larger parts of each paycheck to perfect strangers. People are never going to be unsure whether or not they're the ones Taking or they're the ones being Taken From.

And the Taken From is 85% of the country. - Ace of Ace of Spaces Blog (Go read the whole post)
Of course it is the poor who are losing nothing in all of this, which is one reason why they are so excited about this. It just so happens to be that Health Care Christmas will be held in 2014 and not immediately. It is just that the rest of us need to start paying more immediately in order for the Government to have some money for the giveaway they are planning. I bet the excitement would be rather lacking if the poor had to contribute as well. Say by having a percentage of their unemployment or welfare payments taken as a fee for health care. I suspect their enthusiasm for health care would disappear with many rather risking having no insurance than losing any cash support..
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