Wednesday, December 30

If they are going to Blame Bush, then where is the blame for Clinton?

As everyone starts looking to point fingers of blame as to how US Security Officials missed the Christmas Day bomber attack, it seems that some would like to point the finger at the Bush Administration as it was during Bush's term that the Nigerian obtained his visa.
Everybody bears responsibility: the Bush administration for not connecting the dots before Sept. 11 and not doing enough in the seven years after to rationalize and improve homeland security; the Congress, under both parties, for blocking necessary changes and failing to demand others; the Obama administration, which has shown little interest until now in reforming what is clearly an inadequate security system. - NY Times
Fine. That is fair. However, one thing that bothers me to this day is that in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks the Clinton Administration got a free pass for any blame. Essentially, the blame for the whole incident was thrown on Bush. This was despite the Clinton Administration issuing visas to Mohammad Attah and the other ringleaders to learn to fly at US flight schools and despite the fact that the Clinton Administration and Democrats in Congress and the Government were weak on terror in general given the number of terror attacks during Clinton's term of office. The terrorists were already in the US by the time Bush took office.

Then there was the asinine 'wall' erected between the FBI and the CIA.
The USA Patriot Act has torn down the so-called wall imposed by Attorney General Janet Reno, a wall that prevented FBI agents from sharing information with each other and with the CIA. - Newsmax
If Bush can get full blame for 9/11 nine months into his Presidency, then Captain Wonderful fully owns whatever happens twelve months into his. (Note: I am currently overseas, not so much looking to flying home given how poorly US Officials determine who might be a threat...)

And things are not going to get any better until the current Administration realizes that terrorists are still going to hate (and target) the US no matter how amazing a President we have.
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