Sunday, December 6

Fazer's 'Mignon' Chocolate Egg

Like many people, I love chocolate. And not just any chocolate, but good chocolate. Fazer in Finland makes great chocolate. My MBA classmates would joke that Fazer profits would drop when I left the country.

One of Fazer's products is their Mignon egg.
Mignon (chocolate egg)

The Mignon chocolate egg is an Easter confectionery made by the Fazer company. Its distinctive features are a filling of almond-hazelnut nougat inside a real eggshell. The Mignon is the second oldest Fazer product (only surpassed by the Pihlaja marmalade candy), dating back from 1896, when Karl Fazer brought the recipe from Germany.

Enduringly popular as parts of Finnish Easter celebrations with ca. two million eggs sold per year, Mignon eggs are handmade at the Fazer factory in Vantaa. - Wikipedia
Here are some photos of the 'unboxing' of a Fazer Mignon four-pack. Yes, they are as good as they look. And even though I moved from Finland years ago, I now buy Fazer chocolate by the case whenever I am there.

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