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Georgia Voter ID Law a ‘Poll Tax’ Says U.S. District Court Judge Harold Murphy

There is no possible way that the US can pass a law requiring voters to present a photo ID when they vote that the Democrats will not claim disenfranchises the poor in some way. For starters, I don’t see any Democrats proposing any voter ID laws.

It is common sense to ask voters to present a photo ID when they vote. Not requiring a photo ID to vote in nothing more than an invitation to fraud.

This brings me to the Great State of Georgia in which Republicans have been accused of 'ramming' a Voter Photo ID through the legislature.

A federal judge in Rome today issued an order suspending a new state law requiring voters to show photo ID at the polls for the upcoming November municipal elections throughout Georgia.

U.S. District Judge Harold Murphy granted the injunction to lawyers for Common Cause of Georgia, the ACLU, the NAACP and other groups who challenged the law that requires Georgians to purchase a state-issued photo identification before voting. -

This centers on the inability of the poor and the elderly to purchase photo IDs.

Unemployed get unemployment. Others get welfare. The elderly get social security. When all else fails, children can ask their parents for the money. Parents can ask their children for money. People who received $2,000 from FEMA can put $35 aside for a new ID, especially if they can spend cash for $700 Prada bags, alcohol, and strippers.

This argument of the Democrats has nothing to do with not being able to afford an ID. It is an excuse to keep the window open to permit fraud. Every person can manage the fee to obtain an ID. They just decide to spend that money on something else.

Having an ID has other benefits unrelated to voting.

  • Minorities and the poor need a photo ID to cash Social Security, unemployment, welfare and other checks.
  • Minorities and the poor need photo IDs to write checks.
  • Minorities and the poor need photo IDs to use bankcards and credit cards.
  • Minorities and the poor need photo IDs to buy alcohol and cigarettes.
  • Minorities and the poor need driver’s licenses (a photo ID) in order to drive.

It makes you wonder how many people don’t already have an ID?

What also bothers me is that you do not have to obtain a new ID each year, IDs are valid for a number of years.

There is a provision in this law to permit those who cannot afford an ID to get one for free. But it has been challenged as not fair because it is not as easy to obtain a free ID as it is to pay for it. Why not make state ID’s free for everyone and available at all DMV offices? I am sure the Democrats will fine some problem with that too. Perhaps it is too much for the old people to get there, forgetting that they manage to get to other places, like to casinos and to bingo, as well as to the polls on election day.

The Federal Government should take control of this issue and pass a voter photo ID law. Just as the 10,000 black people ‘stranded’ without transportation (who were believed drowned) in New Orleans managed to somehow escape the city on their own, they will also manage to obtain an ID in order to vote. To suggest otherwise is an insult to them.

Voters want a requirement to show an ID at the polls. I challenge Democrat lawmakers to come up with a workable solution to this issue instead of declaring every proposed solution as being biased, racist or unconstitutional. Don't give me problems, give me a solution.

Congressmen John Conyers Jr. came out praising the judge’s decision:

"Truth be told, the issue should have never reached this point - the Georgia Legislature should never have passed this modern day poll tax, the Governor should not have signed it, and the Justice Department should have intervened to stop it. That is why 21 Members and I asked the Department to prevent this law from taking effect.” - Congressman Conyers.

If this Congressman is so concerned about the poor, then you would never think that the Congressman’s Staff would steal turkeys intended for the poor. Too bad that last year, that is exactly what happened. 61 Thanksgiving turkeys were given to the Congressman’s staff to pass to his constituents that were poor. Too bad the trail of the turkeys ended with the staff members.

I guess the Congressman does not realize that it’s no fun to vote on an empty stomach. That’s strange, since other Democrats keep getting caught giving out cigarettes and beer on election day to the homeless to entice them to vote. How about giving out money for Ids?

Update: 6 May 2006
The Voter Fraud Party - California Conservative

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