Monday, October 10

PETA Presents: "Daddy Kills Animals" Comic Books

This is beyond ridiculous.

"Keep your doggies and kitties away from him. He's so hooked on killing defenseless animals that they can be next!"

Talk about intolerence. Keep your sick comics away from my kid.

PETA has made other news lately, what I like to call "Our Way or the Pie Way!"

"PARIS (AP) — Anna Wintour, editor in chief of Vogue magazine, was hit with a tofu pie by anti-fur demonstrators as she attended Paris fashion week."

"Dan Mathews, vice president of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, said the vegetarian tofu tart was retaliation for Vogue's decision to run fur ads while refusing to use PETA's anti-fur messages." - USA Today

Poor Peta, some magazine did not want to run their ad. Looking at their comic book, I don't blame them. It does not matter how classy the ad they provided might have been, PETA itself is an extremist organization and Vogue was not interested in pissing off their readers. Now they have also managed to open themselves to a nice lawsuit.

Adding insult to injury, PETA is a Google News Source.

Spotted first at Ace of Spades HQ:

If It Worked For the Nazis and Soviets, Why Not PETA?


Dustin Hoye said...

This is truly ridiculous. Of course, it's PETA. It just furthers the fact that they are nothing more than a bunch of unorganized whining hippocrites. You want to give this to children? Save a tree, screw family values. For more reaction to this comic check out Pete Maina's catch and release article in Esox Angler Magazine's Spring issue.

Whiskers said...

I can't say I disagree. I'll check to see the consensus. Happy mother's day!