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Obama and Democrats Hate Your Job - Coal Edition

When the Democrats talk about creating jobs, they only talk about jobs in sectors that traditionally support Democrats. It is really a kind of self-supporting loop. 

These jobs:
  • Firefighters 
  • Policemen (Sometimes)
  • Teachers 
  • More Government workers 
 These jobs all sound good, but employing ever more of them requires more tax revenue. That is because all of these workers are supported by taxes. Now President Obama and the Democrats would like you to believe that these jobs are supported by Federal Taxes. However, outside of Federal Government workers, this is a huge lie. Most firefighters, policemen and teachers are supported by State and local taxes. So when President Obama hits Romney in an ad for wanting to drastically slash funding for public schools 20 percent, it is a deceptive claim given that 90% of school funding comes from local sources, such as property taxes. In reality slashing the Government portion by 20% only reduces the overall amount 2 percent. But if the Democrats told you this, most every reasonable person would say that a 2% overall cut is not bad. Anyway, this is one reason that teachers and firefighters get laid off. The Government gives stimulus money to hire extra workers. The stimulus money runs out. These extra workers are laid off. Obama and the Democrats howl about these laid off workers without noting that they were ever needed to begin with.

Now take the other jobs. Those that pay taxes to support the jobs above. Take coal jobs. The coal mining industry is being killed under this Administration. And they are nowhere near done. We have had people knocking on our door multiple times in the last couple of months asking us to sign petitions to encourage the President, Congress, the EPA, etc.. to push to get rid of dirty coal, with the excuse that they are pushing to get this done for the children. Even my children.

Now, we really do have a good and relatively clean country. The air and water are better than ever before. Remember acid rain? How about leaded gasoline and lead paint. I do. Surely there are pollutants associated with coal fired power plants, but now we have gotten to the point apparently that the remaining issues are either relatively trivial or rare that they don't even have a name to scare people with and certainly nothing to point at. So instead we just have to be confronted with the idea that coal is bad because this is something we can all believe. Remember that acid rain.... Well, there are are huge consequences for continuing a 'War on Coal' and coal mining jobs:
President Obama’s war on coal is real. Don’t believe us? Come to Brilliant, Ohio or Clay, West Virginia and we’ll show you coal mines that were closed as a result of President Obama’s assault on hardworking Americans who work in the coal industry. Coal is a cheap, abundant, and reliable source of power. Almost 90% of Ohio’s power comes from coal and just across the Ohio River in West Virginia, over 95% of its power comes from coal. Needless to say, coal plays a vital role in not only powering the Buckeye and Mountain states, but coal generates nearly half of America’s electricity. So why would President Obama want to destroy such a vital part of America’s economy?
President Obama’s war on coal is nothing new. Even before President Obama took the oath of office, he was pretty clear with his plans for America’s coal industry. In 2008, then-candidate Obama said to the San Francisco Chronicle, “So if somebody wants to build a coal-powered plant, they can. It’s just that it will bankrupt them.” If there’s one thing we can say about the Obama Administration, when it comes to assaulting the coal industry, its actions match its words. - By Reps. Shelley Moore Capito (R-W.Va.) and Bill Johnson (R-Ohio), The Hill
It is senseless to drive what was a productive industry out of business. Worse, it is reckless to destroy energy production not only for households but also for businesses. Some industries, like steal production rely on cheap electricity. Pushing those businesses out of the US will just result in much dirtier production in China not to mention much higher electric bills in the US. Want to pay more for electricity? How do you like the light of those CFL bulbs? Me, I like lighting up my world.

Lighting up the night was a huge innovation. It is somewhat sad that many people are now so concerned about their high electric bills that they no longer keep on a front light. Kind of a shame really and we only have the Government and Global warming fanatics to blame. We can hopefully put a stop to this with a change of occupants in the White House. 

This President wants to talk about outsourcing to China. He accuses Mitt Romney of outsourcing jobs to China. Well Obama and the Democrats are outsourcing our pollution to China. That is the worse crime. Their actions are literally killing people over there. Not only that, by making electricity more expensive over here, along with everything else, it is just one more reason we are losing jobs in America.

Don't kid yourself. This is by Democrat design. They actually think they are doing you and your family a favor by killing off coal jobs and other jobs like steel production. Lets face it, they are hard nasty jobs. They would never do these jobs. So, you're welcome...

You're Not Going to Get Job Stimulus From Democrats - They Hate Your Job
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