Thursday, July 1

No Citizenship For Illegal Aliens, Ever...

Rewarding illegal aliens with Citizenship, no matter how long and difficult a path you create for them is sending the wrong message about breaking the law. To offer illegal aliens the possibility of Citizenship also tells the rest of the world to come here ASAP to get in line for the next amnesty.

Also, offering citizenship to those who broke the law simply cheapens it's value. Frankly, illegal aliens do not deserve it. For if they do, you might as well offer citizenship to every person on the planet. At least the rest of them have not broken our immigration laws.

Also, the issue of legalization of illegal aliens can be solved by giving them legal residence. This would give them the right to stay and work. Why on earth would we give them the right to shape our country's Government and laws. Again, they did not earn it. And for the Democrats to promise it to them makes them agents of foreign Governments like Mexico. This is in addition to trading citizenship for the votes of these new citizens.

The President has declared that he is not holding border security hostage in return for an amnesty for illegal aliens. How about he actually do something about it. Yes, he talked about immigration today. Too bad he ignored illegal immigration. Whatever, the Government is full of BS when it comes to dealing with this problem, starting with this President.

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Sissy Willis said...

Off topic, but I wanted to let you know I think your new, improved NASA logo at Michelle Malkin's is a masterpiece. Similar to my own, but yours is inspired, replacing the woman's eyes with a flash (as in flash of ankle) of the current NASA logo. Great work!

Sissy Willis

Sissy Willis said...

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