Saturday, September 12

Children's Blocks - Drinking Game

So you have a bunch of kids building blocks and don't know what to do with them. How about using them to play a drinking game.

The game is simple.
  • First person takes five blocks and builds a base. The five blocks must be one connected structure.
  • Then the group goes around with each person adding one block. None of the other blocks can touch the ground.
  • The loser is the first person whose block fails to stay on the pile or the person whose block collapses the pile.
This is not a drinking game where the loser drinks but one where everyone is drinking while playing the game. Of course you can add a rule where each loser needs to do a shot or whatever. (Want the women to pay attention to this game, play 'strip' blocks!)

This is also a good game of strategy. Does each player try to build a strong structure or do they try and limit possible future placement. At any rate this can be good fun. It is even fun playing with children with no alcohol...

-- Building to the point of failure --

-- It is helpful to have a good assortment of blocks --

-- My father-in-law setting up an unstable base --

It also helps if you are playing this game in the middle of nowhere...
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