Tuesday, August 11

A Simple Reason Why the Town Hall Mobs Will Continue

There is lots of talk about recent town hall meetings with members of Congress getting ugly and people shouting down those attempting to talk*.

There are calls for people to be civil and calls by conservatives to be constructive, so that members of Congress are forced to answer questions about the health care reforms that they are trying to ram through Congress instead of running away citing a fear of 'the mob'.

Looking at some of the videos posted on the Internet I do not think any discussion about being civil in these meetings is going to do any good. This is because they do not appear to be people who get their information from the Internet and if they are, they are not tuned into conservative websites. They probably get their information from traditional newspapers and the evening news. Those news sources are glossing over how incredibly bad this health care reform bill is and are even covering the President's back by promoting it and demonizing anyone who comes out against it.

Instead of being indoctrinated, these viewers are getting outraged that not only is this happening, but apparently nobody is doing anything about it. Many of them honestly appear outraged and that is not going to go away just because organized conservatives are trying to not give liberals any ammunition against those against the Democrat's Health Care reform bill. They have managed to get a chance to give Congress a piece of their mind, and they are going to let their Congressman have it.

This seems pretty plausible to me, especially given that it is not just Republicans who are lashing out at their Congressman, but Democrats and independents as well. I suspect that we have seen nothing yet.

*One of the problems (in addition to not being able to read the legislation that they are voting on) is that these members of Congress are talking too much and not listening enough if at all...

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