Tuesday, June 2

Kings Point Maritime Association Dinner Dance - 12 June

Those who are friends of the US Merchant Marine Academy (or want to be) and those who work in the maritime industry might want to consider joining the Kings Point Maritime Association.

You do not have to be Alumni of the Academy. (They have their Alumni Association.) You do not have to be a Parent of a student. (The Parents have the Parent Association.) You only need to like being around maritime-minded people and like having a good time.

The Kings Point Maritime Association is having a June Dinner Dance with open bar at the Officer's Club of the Merchant Marine Academy, Melville Hall.

The Dinner/Dance is June 12th, Friday Night, with the cocktail hour starting at 1900. The cost is only $65 per person. Please make your reservations by 5 June. Click on the image below for contact details or send me an email at: fredfryinternational@gmail.com

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