Saturday, April 11

Lesson Unlearnt - Pakistan is a Terrorist Haven

I have written a couple times about Pakistan. The country is a mess and it is a haven for terrorists. I have pointed out the simple fact that 'It is NOT OK to let your son go to Pakistan'. Little good can come from it. Whatever the reason your kid might be giving for wanting to go to Pakistan, it is a lie. And by letting your child go to Pakistan, you are supporting terrorism by providing them with another recruit.

This view of Pakistan is one that they have wholly earned. No less than Nigeria has earned for being a scam state for their bogus emails promising millions. And since Pakistan has earned this reputation, they should be treated accordingly. Every Pakistani and every person going to and coming from Pakistan should be considered suspect. And yet, we still have terrorists coming from Pakistan because Governments don't take the right precautions because leftists will complain that actually investigating if someone might be a threat is not politically correct.
Suspects being questioned today after one of the biggest anti-terror operations since the July 7 attacks exploited lax student visa regulations to enter the UK from Pakistan, Whitehall sources said yesterday.

As police continued searches in ­Liverpool, Manchester and Clitheroe, Lancashire, after the raids on Wednesday, the Home Office said student visa checks had been tightened in the last fortnight because of widespread abuses of the system.

There are concerns inside government and the security services that the 11 Pakistani nationals being held in the north of England could have gained entry on student visas in order to form a sleeper cell. Gordon Brown talked of the police having foiled a "very big terrorist plot". - Guardian


If my memory serves me right, all of the latest terrorist plots are linked to Pakistanis and activity inside Pakistan. Pakistan has taken the place of Afghanistan. Unfortunately, other than the ever increasing number of missile strikes, not much is being done about it, partly because the country claims to have a working Government. That's a shame, because that was pretty much the same scenario we ran for Afghanistan until they attacked on September 11.

As for using the poor conditions inside the country as a defense for the actions of it's people, that is total B.S. Either they can be in charge of their lives and their country or others will come and force civilization down their throats. And yes Islam is part of the problem. Much is what is backwards about Pakistan can be traced back to Islam. This religion either has to change greatly or be wiped from the planet. The religion as it is practiced there is incompatible with the first world. (Clearly muslims can live in the West and fit in with society. Perhaps that brand of Islam can be exported...)

It is NOT OK to let your son go to Pakistan - 10 Aug 06

The UK's stupidity was even greater than I thought:
Members of the alleged Al Qaeda cell suspected of plotting a Bank Holiday terror atrocity worked for a firm based at Manchester Airport.

At least one drove vans for a cargo company which has access to sensitive locations.
A further two had passed security industry checks which enabled them to guard premises overnight, further raising fears that members of the gang - all but one of them Pakistani students - were planning to infiltrate high-profile targets before an attack. - The Daily Mail via Gateway Pundit
The story also claims that these guys have links to established terrorists, and all sorts of other red flags. Not only that, but they are not even sure if they have stopped the plot entirely yet. What a bunch of assclowns. It would be funny, but these progressives keep getting people killed and all they are concerned about is how they can hug these terrorists better.
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Anonymous said...

Seeds were sown when we funded the Mujahideen and supported Islamic extremism in Afghanistan. Then we installed dictator Musharraf in Pakistan.

Chickens coming home to roost.

Fred Fry said...

Sorry, this story goes back to the birth of Pakistan as a State.

Not for anything, but if the chickens were coming home to roost, wouldn't they be targeting the US and not the UK?

Anonymous said...

You haven't noted that all have since been released with no charges filed.