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Sweden is a Criminal Paradise!

Wow. Just wow!
Sweden’s unsolved violent crime rate at 95 percent - In a statistical revelation the investigative news programme Kalla Fakta brands as shocking, journalists have determined that around 95 percent of robberies and violent crimes in Sweden are never solved. It also reported that the average police officer solves three crimes per year.

The Local newspaper reports that one in seven Swedes was a victim of crime in 2007. Robberies and violent crimes made up 75 percent of all reported crimes in Sweden last year, which added up to around 900,000. Police managed to solve 5.8 percent of them. - Ice News
That is just crazy. Not for anything, but it has to be harder to try and unload stolen material in Sweden than it is in the US, unless your shipping it all off to Russia. Also note that Sweden is part of very progressive Europe that thinks the US is too tough on criminals. Maybe so, but Sweden is clearly too soft on criminals. They don't even have the stomach to arrest them.

Part of the problem is surely cultural. Take Sweden's neighbor Finland. There, you don't steal a car. The crime is merely seen as 'borrowing without permission'. Heaven forbid you actually accuse anyone of stealing. Hell, your lucky if they put a murderer away for ten years in Finland. Try that in the US. I bet many people would gladly exchange ten years in prison to kill off some people they truly hate...

I guess this is another reason why Estonians travel to Sweden to go steal instead of doing so in their own country as they are not very likely to get caught in Sweden. The other main reason:
I have a good friend from Estonia. She had mentioned that Estonians go to Sweden to commit crimes because even if they get caught, Swedish jails are not that bad. - FFI
This story did mention Swedish culture, but in a different light:
Ask feels that part of the problem lies with Sweden’s culture. “I think it has to do with the culture, the idea that there is simply nothing that can be done.” At any rate, Ask says she feels the statistics are rather disturbing and that the Swedish police could do more to clear up these cases. - Ice News
Well those Scandinavians all seem so preoccupied with trying to understand why criminals do what they do as sort of some half-assed attempt to stop crime by getting at the underlying reasons. Of course they ignore the simple answers such as 'they robbed the bank because that is where they keep the money' and surely they will dismiss my comments here citing that the situation is much more complicated that that. My example is actually conservative given what is going on in Sweden:
Sweden has been the scene of a number of spectacular robberies in recent years. Cash transport vehicles have been particular targets.

- The country has seen more violent robberies of cash transport vehicles, per head of population, than most other European countries. In 2005, only the UK, Ireland and Malta saw more. - The Local
Go read about some of the larger attacks. Sweden has a bigger problem than the US in this respect.

Not for anything, but Sweden has a worse rate than for American murders in black communities, where the problem there is the 'stop snitching' culture.
Kennedy works with communities and police departments all over the country. Nationwide, he says, police are able to arrest a suspect in about 60 percent of the homicide cases they investigate. That’s known as the "clearance rate."

But Kennedy says in some neighborhoods the rate is much, much lower. "I work in communities where the clearance rate for homicides has gone into single digits."

The unwillingness to come forward, Kennedy says, lies at the core of the problem. - 60 Minutes
Throw the criminals in jail. Solve the problem.
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