Wednesday, December 7

Atheist Group Sues for removal of Crosses from Arlington National Cemetery

Posted in the new MSM tradition of ‘fake but accurate’ news reporting. Atheists currently are not suing to remove crosses from Arlington National Cemetery but they might as well. The crosses are on Federal Property and I bet that they can argue that the presence of the crosses violates the separation of Church and State. Anyone who has been to Arlington National Cemetary knows that most every grave there contains a religious marking.

Arlington National Cemetary, December 1999 (Photo - Fred Fry)

This is exactly what atheists are doing in Utah State. They are suing for the removal of crosses marking the locations of where policeman died while in the line of duty. Of course if a policeman’s family does not want a cross, they can opt for something different. However, this is not good enough for this Atheist Group, which happens to be located in Texas, yet still manages to be offended. (I wonder if they have even seen one of these crosses in person?)

This is just one of a number of recent attacks by atheists on our society. Atheist Michael Newdow is currently suing for removal of ‘In God We Trust’ from the money and has sued twice to ban reciting the pledge in school as it contains the phrase ‘one nation under God.’

mr. Newdow had to sue twice as the first time it was determined that he did not have the right to sue on his daughter’s behalf, as he didn’t have legal custody of his daughter. It didn’t help his cause any once the public learned from his mother that she actually liked saying the pledge. Pretty hard to argue that your daughter has been 'harmed' by the pledge.

This setback was not embarrassing enough to make him go away. He managed to find other families that he could use for this lawsuit. They do not want to be identified, which is a shame, since it’s always nice to see who exactly is creating this ruckus and see how crazy they happen to be. (If he was real serious about banning the pledge from school, he should argue that the pledge discriminates against foreign nationals that might be in the classroom. As they might be required to stand there in silence, unable to participate in that 'group' activity. But that would be too easy, and would not directly aid the Atheist adgenda.)

Neither story has gotten much play in the press, yet. However, don’t think for a second that the atheists are going to be content with just this lawsuit. You can bet that they are aiming for bigger treasure. From their press release:

“Dave Silverman, Communications Director for the group, said that the Utah suit will likely be “the first of many” that seek to remove similar crosses from state and federal highway lands.” - press release 7 December

So at some point I suspect that the title of this article will become real and accurate, and that is a sad thought.

Question for Atheists:

While you do not believe in God, do you think that having a God would be a good thing? Do you wish that there was a God?

Feel free to let us know by answering in the comments section.

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MSandt said...

do you think that having a God would be a good thing?

Not really. There's no need for such beings.

Do you wish that there was a God?

No. The same as above - I don't need (or want) a spiritual big brother to look after me.

Anonymous said...

this is upsetting. i was doing an essay on human rights and how if some peoples human rights are enforce it takes away other peoples human rights. I cant believe athiest in Texas suing Utah there is no sense in it. We ARE one nation under GOD!! This nation was built on the principles and laws of christianity and thats how it will be until some idiot comes in and removes God from everything but I'd love to see the say that happens cause that would take away our freedom of religion.God is ever present. And you will never remove all the crosses from Arlington. Stick to tradition.

Anonymous said...

God is a good thing. He is always here for you he never leaves your side. He loves you more than anyone in this world ever can. He is amazing he made you and he died for you. You need God i do to. He helps me through life cause he is the one person i can ALWAYS trust=]

and the do you wish there was a God?? where did that come from. God is here just look at the beauty around you. the spectacular mountain, beauitful flowers, all the work of God's hands. He is here on Earth in all his followers heart guiding our footsteps for his purpose.