Tuesday, November 15

JP Morgan Chase Bank - Underhanded Business Tactics

Years ago I used to work for Chase. It was a nice enough bank and a great job. But it was only a summer job and I then moved away. I thought that would be the last of my interaction with Chase. How wrong I was.

About three years ago I "opted-out" of getting credit card offers by freezing my credit reports. That stopped all of the credit card offers, EXCEPT from Chase. You see, even when you opt-out, a bank can ignore that and that is what Chase did. I did not have any dealings with the bank. I did not even have a bank acocunt with them when I worked there. That alone put me off dealing with Chase.

I did have a credit card with Bank One. That bank was taken over by Chase. On the same week that I get a welcome letter from Chase telling me how things were going to be greater now that Chase owned Bank One I also got a notice that the interest rate on my credit card was being raised from 10% to 18%. I only used the card to get a one-year interest free loan and the year was recently up. I was paying off chunks of what was owed but apparently they figured that I could not pay it off and that they could stick it to me. I called and they claimed that I was too near my credit limit on another card which was why they raised the rate. Within a week I had paid off my Bank One/Chase credit card and closed the account.

Silly me for thinking that I was done dealing with Chase. I then get one of those annoying contract checks in the mail:

Sending me the check was not good enough. Just in case I was not interested in cashing the check, they made it possible for anyone to collect the $20 by also making the check out to BEARER!

So are they going to enroll 'Bearer' automatically into the optional payment protector plan? I suspect not. I think the check was a underhanded attempt to get me (or bearer) to cash the check and by default reopen my credit card account.

My advise is to stay far away from this bank.


CreditOwner said...

Thank you for your advice concerning Chase bank. You seem to be really annoyed by them! You probably feel sorry that you even started working with them. As you see, you never know how your summer job will influence you years later.

Anonymous said...

I find your blog rather helpful, since it has something to do with the Chase. On the www.pissedconsumer.com I found plenty of complaints in the address of the bank and now I doubt whether I should deal with it. The clients are not satisfied. This means the services and conditions are far from being perfect. The financial institutions are all about making profits of their own and they do not care about the customers.

Phyllis said...

I have a credit card with Chase Bank with a fixed interest rate until card is paid. On my last statement, they have added a $10.00 service charge that will be on every monthly bill. (They're going to get very rich if they are doing this with everyone!) They also doubled my minimum payment. It's outrageous. I talked to an attorney who said they can change what they want but we're locked into our agreement.

This is not my first run-in with Chase Bank who has no customer service at all! They don't care. I cancelled all cards and my checking account over a year ago because they would not provide assistance with a problem I was experiencing. They now keep sending me all these great offers!

I think they are illegal in this service charge and would love to have them exposed on a national level.