Tuesday, November 4

Why I Voted McCain-Palin

So today is Election day and since I am in Europe seems that I will not know who has won this election until at least 3 AM Wednesday morning my time. Knowing that I was not going to be around and being a resident of the State of Virginia, I voted early.

Here are some reasons why I voted McCain-Palin:

- National Strength
- Sure the country is not popular in the world right now but so what. The people that hate the US will hate this country no matter who is President. They hated the US before Bush. They will continue to do so after him, as long as we are a strong country.
- National Defense/Military
- Obama and the Democrats want to gut the military. That is a reckless thing to do. Not only that, but it is a very hard thing to undo. In line with that is his promise to compromise with our country's enemies. At its basic level this is what he promised when declaring that he would meet with Iran, North Korea, etc. They have demands of course and surely he will want to make them happy so that we can all be friends again.....
- Taxes
- I do not believe for a second that my taxes will go down under an Obama Administration, especially considering that I earn part of my income from Capital Gains, that I have exceeded the Social Security cap and that he has no intention of renewing the Bush tax-cut and quietly believes that it expiring does not amount to a tax increase is just plan BS.
- Abortion
- I think Obama's position on abortion is disgraceful. I believe in a woman's right to choose but also believe that every day a woman does not abort her child is a choice to keep the child. At some point in a pregnancy a woman should be held to that choice. Really, if a woman makes it halfway through a pregnancy without even knowing that she is pregnant, than the second half is a small price to pay for another human being. It is not like she has to keep the baby after it is born. Not for anything but more should be done to prevent these unwanted pregnancies in the first place. How about a little accountability.
- The Law / Supreme Court
- I think the last thing this country needs is more liberal judges. I also think McCain will push for stronger law enforcement at least with Palin pushing behind him. Obama comes from Chicago, which has its own crime problems. No need to export that to the rest of the country.
- Personal responsibility
- I think that many problems that people are having in the US are partly their fault. I have only heard one candidate mention anything about personal responsibility and that was Sarah Palin during the VP debate.
- Patriotism
- McCain and Palin are flag wavers and will keep alive American Patriotism and will carry out all the ceremonial duties as you would want a President to do. I am not interested in Obama's stealth Patriotism.
- Democrat Thuggery
- I don't like how many Obama supporters have been behaving. Stealing an election is not only wrong, its a crime. This is now being seen as Obama supporters are being caught registered and voting in multiple states.....
- Gun rights
- Obama is bankrupt when it comes to gun rights. Not for anything but the parts of the country have crime/gun crime problems are the places where guns are illegal.
- Activist Democrat-Controlled Congress
- Pelos, Reid, Murtha, Conyers, Boxer, Kennedy, etc.... I can't vote against any of them. They will cause enough trouble with McCain in Power. No need to give them a free hand under an Obama Presidency.
- Obama's associations
- I think Ayers, Dorn and all his other associations are simply not presidential. It really speaks for his character, which is clearly not good.
There you go. These are the issues on the top of my head. Then you have other issues like earmarks, Democrat acceptance of voter fraud, Israel, the housing bailout, Obama's boatload of ever-shifting positions, etc and I just can't see how Obama could possible be a good thing for this country, unless you are poor or are an enemy of the US.

I still think that McCain will win, but that requires people who don't want an Obama as President to actually go out and vote. I have faith that they will say no to Obama and look forward to this all being over on Wednesday when we can send Obama back to Chicago to fix the problems he never fixed while in Government there!

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its just me said...

Why I didn't vote for McCain.

Yes today is election day and instead of voting early, I decided to get out there with the best of democracy and stand in line no matter how long it took with my fellow Americans who are not able to travel abroad.

National Strength
I agree that the people who hate the US will always hate the US but they didn't just wake up one day and say let's hate America and everything they stand for. Our foreign policies and the way we operate around the world has brought much of that hatred on. Due to globalization we can no longer afford to just ignore them as if they don't exist.

National Defense/Military
When did Obama say that he wanted to decrease the military. When? The Clinton's downsized the military during a time of peace. How could Obama downsize the military when we are fighting two wars on two fronts. There are a few Congress members who have children fighting overseas. Why would they even vote for something like that. Obama can not do anything without Congress. It's called checks and balances.
This is not the Roadrunner and coyote. We can't just stick our head in the sand and think they will go away.

Taxes will always be a problem in America and between Republicans and Democrats. Who should pay more? Who should pay less? I agree with Huckabee with the fair tax boasted by Neal Boortz. Everybody should pay the same equal amount of their income according to the fair tax.

Abortion is a morale issue. Should a woman decide to have an abortion which is between her and her God, Roe v. Wade gives her the right to have a safe and legal procedure instead of sneaking into a butcher shop. At what phase of her pregnancy is also a morale decision and I agree with you that if you are half way or even a quarter of the way, you should think of life and if anything be a blessing to someone else.

The Law/Supreme Court
I am concerned with liberal judges but Palin, I'm not going to talk about her. My grandmother always taught me if you don't have something nice to say about somebody then don't say it at all. I will say this; Palin is not ready to become the leader of the free world should something happen to John McCain; Joe Biden is. The crime in Chicago is out of control along with other major cities. No president, governor, senator, mayor or any elected official can change that. The people must get fed up and begin to take on crime and criminals. Just as any other changes that have occurred in history was by the people not the politicians.

Personal Responsibility
I agree with you that many of the problems that people have are because of personal responsibility. It is easy to blame anybody and everybody for any and everything. No one and no party talks about personal responsibility. If that were the case we would not have had this trillion dollar plus bailout.

Obama loves this country and so does his supporters. Too many think that they are they only ones that love this country and that they are the only ones that can run it. I have no doubt that Obama is a patriot just as I have no doubt that McCain is a patriot also. Different people measure patriotism different ways.

Democrat Thuggery
What's that? Stealing an election? Come on, let's keep it real. Stealing an election should not be on anyone's list at all. The years 2000 and 2004, come on. How are the Obama supporters acting? I would love to hear you elaborate on that a little more.

Gun Rights
Guns are the American way. Laws should be tighten in areas where they are too loose including the state where that 8 year old baby shot and killed himself at a gun show. Talk to his parents and see how they feel about gun control.

Democratic Controlled Congress
I am concerned about that also. I would also be concerned if it was the other way around with Republicans. Checks and balance is the best policy and Congress should not be tilted to a majority to one side. But when one party just rips everything up, the people will react. Maybe in not the best way but they will react.

Obama Associations
I'm not talking about that. That is beating a dead horse. But I will say this and I know when you respond (if you respond) you will mention that I don't want to mention his associations. This mighty country was not built by or for a certain group of people. Obama loves this country. He has a new way of thinking. Evolution keeps the world continuing on a forward progress not staying the same or continuing with the old. It is time for change in America and I think Obama is that new change we need.

Anonymous said...

Fred, all of your reasons to vote for McCain were reasons to vote against Obama. As many other McCain supporters voted holding their noses, while Obama supporters more often fully embraced their candidate, no wonder McCain/Palin lost.

Four years ago voting against Bush was not a strong enough reason for John Kerry to get the backing of the majority of the American public. Bush at least was the incumbent so some of that sentiment was understandable, even if many Kerry supporters were in that sense voting for him for the wrong reasons, not because they genuinely wanted Kerry. Voting against Obama was never going to be a bright idea in an election where people were fed up with the economic policies of Bush and McCain never managed to be clear about how he was going to fix the economy. The burden of the proof was on the Republicans who had actually been mismanaging the economy for a while.

Let me be clear that I respect both John Kerry and John McCain very much, admire their characters and think they are among the best of senators. But they were both running negative campaigs when Americans were looking for something positive. If you want to win a presidential election, you got to tell them why you should be picked, not just whine about the other side being wrong and all bad. Swing voters don't see the world in partisan terms as a struggle of good guys and bad guys, they see good people on both sides and want to pick and choose the best of them. Obama appealed to the best instincts of American and he won.

Fred Fry said...

Thanks Topi.

Just to be clear, while my reasons above sound like my vote was against Obama, I was voting for McCain. I just compared the two in my comments.

I am sure there are many reasons why people voted for Obama. I don't think too many voted due to 'best insticts' or even best interests of the country. As for reason, I leave that to others. I am moving on. I do not get much from the Government because I provide for my family. My goal going forward is to limit Government from interfering in my life.

knowitall said...

Letting people think that cheating in voting was okay is wrong, and something the left-wing illuminati associated themselves with. Great thing to teach our kids, that honesty doesn't matter.