Sunday, November 2

Update: Obama 'would kill US coal trade'

A couple weeks ago I noted that "Obama 'would kill US coal trade'". Now comes the discovery of a damning audio recording where Senator Obama confirms that he plans to bankrupt energy companies that build coal fired energy plants. As I noted before, this graph shows that the US gets half its energy to produce electricity through coal.

Here is the recording:

(Direct link)

Of course if he goes and bankrupts the users of coal, then there isn't going to be a need for coal miners, let alone the infrastructure and workers that currently transport all that coal that the US uses every day. He will kill off exports of coal as well. This would be like Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq or Russia declaring that they were no longer going to pump oil. It would be national suicide, partly because at the end of the day, you just can't hope your way to a quick replacement for coal.

Fairplay: Obama 'would kill US coal trade' - 17 Oct 2008

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knowitall said...

The coal industry will be non-existent under the liberal illuminati leadership. Unless you have more money to distribute, or it's bankrupt city.