Monday, November 17

Obama's Bigger Government?

I work in a building that has a Government Contractor as a tenant. While passing the elevators this morning I overheard the following:
Man 1: "We plan to get rid of all Government Contractors that are not Government employees"

Man 2: "Hey, that's us!"
I have no idea what the scope of the larger conversation was, such as if this was just concerning one Government project, one Governmental Department, or something being considered Government-wide. However, with Government contractors having the label as 'beltway bandits' I wonder if they might be on an Obama Administration's 'hit list'.

Of course these contractors would have to be replaced with Government employees. Probably more than they get rid of if you make the (safe) assumption that the Government will be less efficient than a contractor to accomplish the same amount of work.


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xformed said...

Having picked up my training to be a COTR (COntrator Technical Representative) on the Govt side, I was told, while putting RFps together the man power cost planning was: Military member - 2.0
Govt Employee - 1.5
Contractor - 1.0

Issue: Who covers benefits was the issue.

By dumping contractors, you'll get a large batch of ex-military out of the government work. No unions there, so I guess I can see the contrast on the "help" for Detroit, and the plan to make up the difference by trashing the many companies that save the taxpayer money...and are jobs in the real economy.

Fred Fry said...

Thanks much for the additional details!

knowitall said...

The socialist illuminati are going to ruin this economy, and expect twice as many jobs to disappear under the leadership of the tolerants.