Tuesday, November 18

Confirmed: Obama Supporters in Campaign Withdrawal!

You have probably seen this fake news report from the Onion on how once the election was over Obama supporters had nothing to look forward to anymore:


Obama Win Causes Obsessive Supporters
To Realize How Empty Their Lives Are


Out of the theme of 'fake but accurate' it seems that this story does have some truth to it.

My friend who is from a real Obama-loving part of Maryland commented the other day on how everyone in the neighborhood is suffering from what she called as an 'Obama hangover'.

My friend has tried to compensate for the void by taking care of a virtual pet on the Internet. I KID YOU NOT.

This problem is not limited to his strongest supporters but effects an entire neighborhood. Boy are these people in for a real shock once he takes over and 'Camelot' isn't what they expected it to be.
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1 comment:

knowitall said...

They are going to be more than hurt when the liberal illuminati change everything they originally planned. That's the change they'll get.