Thursday, November 6

More Abortions than Births in Russia

One campaign issue that did not materialize during this latest American Election was abortion. That is a shame as the older I get the more I think that more attention should be put on the issue, not to ban it, but to do something to reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies. But as bad as the American situations looks when it comes to abortion, Russia is much worse:
...Russia is, in other words, the world capital of abortions by a wide margin. It is, in fact, an abortion factory, butchering over 2 million fetuses each year, more than 5,400 per day, more than it has live births — a situation virtually unprecedented in human history. Every ten years, Russians kill more of their own people simply by means of abortion than did Hitler’s invading Nazi hoardes in the whole of World War II. - La Russophobe
The US abortion rate is less than half Russia's. Also the US birth rate is much higher than Russia's. I think in the comments of the story above a couple people noted that during Soviet times women would get pregnant to then have an abortion because they got a couple days 'vacation' from workplace in order to have the procedure. That probably says more about the Soviet Union and how they failed to instill any sort of respect for life. Hell, that respect for life is still pretty much lacking given how the Russian State has failed to improve the quality of life for many, and actually managed to lower the average life expectancy for Russian.

The only point here is that people should be taught to take action and be a little more responsible for their actions. Not just in Russia but also around the world. When playing around in bed you can't count on being lucky. You need to use protection every time. Being drunk is not an excuse. It certainly isn't one if you have a gun 'accident' that hurts someone. Having sex is no different.

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Anonymous said...

I'm normally prolife, but in the case of Russia how is that a bad thing? More abortions in Russia figuring in with their phenemonal death rate and short lifespans (lower apparently than the average Iraqi) that country along with their tinpot tyrants will luckily impode before this century is over. That is a GOOD THING!

knowitall said...

The left-wing illuminati have made women think that killing babies is okay, which is sickening.