Wednesday, November 5

Election 2008: Last Word

Congratulations to the winner and his supporters.

Congratulations to the losers as well because we have some in every election and in the US that is just the way it goes. Some people will yell and scream. Others will fly off the deep end, but most of us will just move forward and work to protect our rights, peacefully.

I disagree with our new President-elect based on his ideology. I also do not like the people he chose to associate with. But he will be the President come January and I will respect that. I actually look forward to seeing how he is going to turn his eloquently spoken promises into action. Even my (liberal) tree-hugging wife wonders because she has friends who are so happy that Obama won but can't see him delivering on the promises that they are wishing for. (Oddly enough, one of their wishes, visa-waiver for Estonia was just passed by President Bush. So they actually found themselves in a bizarre situation of be thankful to a President they did not like. More so because he made the change out of concern that the next Administration (R or D) would not deliver on the promise to the country to do this.)

Time will tell. We have four years. For me, I plan on working harder. The path to success lies through working. This new President is not going to change that. More blogging as well.

One more thought now that some news is out about infighting within the McCain camp. Sarah Palin was not this campaign's problem. Hell she probably kept this election from being a blowout for Obama. The Republican Party needs to get back to its roots. John McCain was not going to do that. That is one reason he lost.

Heh. Time to get back to Conservative roots!

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mnotaro said...

It's good to see such uplifting, positive blog on your website! I didn't vote for Obama, nor do I believe in him and his liberal illuminati politicians...and I totally agree with your liberal wife...and am so curious to see how he is going to pull off all of these promises he has made to the American people!

knowitall said...

Bickering amongst the party isn't good, not for the country at all. The GOP need to get it together, so they can be strong enough to get the money spending elitist illuminati out of power.