Wednesday, November 5

Election 2008: I wake up an Enemy of 'the People'

I am in Europe this week so I am just getting up now. I did get up for a couple minutes at 0330 and saw that McCain was not going to win, so I went back to bed. So it seems that I woke up today an enemy of the people:
- Gun owner
- ExxonMobil Stockholder
- Selfish, pay as little tax as possible worker
- Believe in a Strong defense/military
- Strong Conservative
Well we have come to the point where discussion does not matter as the election is over. Now I will join with the opposition and wait for the next president to prove that my concerns were right.

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Anonymous said...

Oh c'mon Fred, the discussion is all the more interesting after the election.

A lot of people thought before 1980 that a strong conservative like Reagan can't win anymore. A lot of people before today thought that very strong progressives like Obama can't animate Americans anymore.

This election, just as 1980, proves that Americans are willing to listen to a charismatic candidate regardless of where that person stands on the political spectrum. Americans are very open-minded and Obama did what winning candidates always do, persuaded the voters with an especial gift of oratory that politicians in other countries seldom possess. That's what politics is all about, talking to people so that they understand. Lincoln, TR, FDR, Reagan and now Obama all represent a great American tradition of political leaders who are willing to make a break with the past when the public is ready to listen. I'm talking about politicians who earn respect by daring to do something different.

Fred Fry said...

Thanks for the comment Topi.

Well Obama surely can thank his gift for speaking as one reason he is headed to the White House. But lets see what happens next as you can't keep the masses happy on promises alone, and this guy has promised he way into high expectations from those who voted for him. Not only that but almost half the country is waiting to start saying 'I told you so' once this guy messes up...

My attention is probably shifting to the economy/stock market and making more money, or just maybe taking a year or two off to write full time.

knowitall said...

He will mess up, and so will the left-wing illuminati officials he chose. Hope we're not too bad off where the GOP can't fix things.