Monday, November 3

MKH: "Obama's Attack Ad On Himself"

Here is a great ad summarizing Barack Obama's massive position switching all as part of some grand attempt to say whatever it takes to 'win' the White House.

The ad was made by Mary Katherine Ham at the Weekly Standard.

I hope even the seasoned among you will be surprised anew when you watch it. I hope you'll pass it along to anyone you know who needs help making a decision at this point. Audacity is certainly something Obama does not lack.
My surprise is how the Democrats don't care.

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knowitall said...

He has been attacking himself throughout it all, but the mainstream media illuminati have been giving him passes.

knowitall said...

People said Palin was all about attacking herself, and misquoting and gaffing, but this guy is the top of the left-wing illuminati party, and he attacked himself. Not so eloquent huh?