Wednesday, May 27

There is no Place in this World for North Korea

Looks like it is a good time for the Government to remember that North Korea is still at war with us (in that the Korean War never ended. It was just put on 'hold'). You can bet that the North Koreans never forgot. Their latest reminder was just this week as they demonstrated that they can build nuclear bombs. One issue not discussed is that not only does North Korea have 'the Bomb' but Iran is now just a cargo flight away from having one themselves.

I would say that now is the time for the rest of the world to act, but too bad for us that the North Koreans know all too well who they are dealing with. For well over a decade, during the Bush and Clinton Presidencies, the US has been pretty soft-armed when it has come to disciplining North Korea and the rest of the world has done nothing about the problem, other than try to blind them into confirming with 'sunshine'.

Another very dangerous problem is that it seems that too many people want to think that the North Koreans actually want a peace deal. That they are negotiating either in good faith, or at least with a goal towards betterment of their people. Well perhaps a review of the 2 minute extract from the Korean War 'Pork Chop Hill' is in order:

Video - Direct Link

The video makes a number of good points that are still relevant today. One of those is the answer to the question: what does North Korea lose by trashing the peace armistice agreement? Apparently nothing by the looks of the lack of pressure on North Korea at the moment in response to their latest nuclear test.

Funny how the world decides what is a problem and what is not. A couple hundred prisoners at GITMO puts the whole world up in arms. A whole population held prisoner and another whole country threatened with annihilation, not so much.

Now the world will be truly sorry and sad if North Korea nukes South Korea. But imagine the rage if the US, Japan or South Korea go into the North and take out the leadership there. Me, I think I would prefer dealing with International Condemnation on that one. That is partly because I see not much value in the opinion of the International Community. It is probably time we stop listening to them, especially given the lack of good it has brought us.

As for North Korea, their latest actions are just one more confirmation that regime Change should be pursued with utmost haste. If it is a war Kim Jong Il wants, it should start at his door.

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