Tuesday, May 12

Now The Democrats Are Worried About CIA Leaks?!?!?

The Democrats thought is was all nice and funny as classified material was leaked like crazy against the Bush Administration. So it is interesting to see how quickly their attitudes change once they become the targets. Take this evening's headline over at Politico:

I guess it is not so funny anymore for them. This is all the more amusing in that Congress should have called the CIA to the carpet years ago when the leaks first started appearing as part of their oversight authority. Instead they used the leaks to their party's advantage. As the saying goes, 'you reap what you sow'.
Questions about the CIA’s motives have added to bad feelings between the CIA and Democrats on the Hill and in the Obama administration. Panetta tried to limit the release of Justice Department memos authorizing harsh interrogation techniques, but he lost a struggle with the department, and the memos were released. CIA officials fear that release of the memos could subject them to lawsuits and hurt officers in the field. - Politico
So remember, according to the Democrats in charge, it's OK to leak Government secrets, even if it damages the security of the country, as long as it damages the Republicans. Just don't dare do it if it makes the Democrats look bad.

One important thing to remember is that the CIA can't 'get' the Democrats unless they have something to get them with... I'm guessing that it is something good.

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