Saturday, May 2

I'm Guessing that 'BAIRES' is a Liberal Jerk...

I spotted this liberal's car the other day when parking in DC near the Supreme Court.

Piss off a Republican
Be kind to an immigrant

Distorting the issues is one thing that the Democrats are really good at and this is a perfect example of that.

The issue at hand is not 'immigrants' but illegal alien immigrants.

'Immigrants' come to this country legally. Illegal aliens instead break our laws, and either sneak into our country illegally or initially come here legally and then break our laws by not leaving when they are expected to.

Our buddy 'Baires' here is attempting to label Republicans as hate-mongers by insinuating that Republicans hate all immigrants. This is a ridiculous accusation, especially considering that both parties are full of legal immigrant supporters.

Good luck with trying to paint Republicans as the enemy on this issue when it comes time to do something about it, especially when President Obama pushes to legalize the millions of illegal aliens we have in the US. That is when I expect the black members of the Democrat Party to strongly voice their opposition to this plan (not to mention many legal immigrants who are bitter that others came to the country without going through the process that they went through. It just trashes the value of being a resident and even immigrant citizen). As it is, I have three black employees in my department. All three of them are strongly in favor of rounding up and deporting all illegal aliens. They have two main reasons to do this. First, they broke the law by coming here illegally. Second, they they strongly believe that the illegal aliens are both stealing jobs from blacks and keeping wages for many black workers low. This is their opinion, not mine.

One final thought - Chances are pretty good that this hate-monger is working in the Government, or working to influence it. Who know what damage this kook is doing to the country.

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