Tuesday, May 12

Joan Rivers Should Have Lost the Celebrity Apprentice

(This post won't make any sense unless you have been watching the Celebrity Apprentice) If I got anything out of watching the latest Celebrity Apprentice, it is that Joan Rivers appears to be a very nasty woman. Sure, I bet she is also the sweetest person in the world, as long as you play ball her way.

However, she really was caught a couple times without her mask on. Now unless the Celebrity Apprentice's editors left out some actions by Annie Duke and the others who were on the receiving end of her outbursts, it appears that Joan is the Nazi that she was calling her competitor Annie Duke. Really, this is what the Nazis did. They demonized their opponents. And since Annie Duke is a poker player, Joan targeted all of them as well.
The confrontation between Joan Rivers and Annie Duke was taken to a new level on this week’s episode of NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice. Joan’s daughter, Melissa Rivers, took the fall as a result of her team’s loss, leading the elder Rivers to label all poker players “trash” and call Duke a Nazi in a profanity-laced tirade. - Poker News Daily

There is lots of built up anger in her. Amusingly, you can also see it in her daughter Melissa Rivers who I have to say had one of the most amazing Apprentice meltdowns ever upon getting fired. So maybe it is in the family genes or maybe her daughter learned from watching her mother's outbursts.

Now one issue that appeared clear in the last episode but unfortunately was not confirmed by Mr. Trump (Probably because he was picking Joan Rivers as the next apprentice) was what happened to the event planner and why did they quit the show. The show led on that Joan Rivers' event planner quit because of Joan Rivers and as a result Annie Duke's event planner quit because Joan River's planner just happened to also be the company's owner. Annie tried to point out how her task was sabotaged by this act but Joan Rivers just shouted her down, preventing any further discussion of what happened. Well, it appears that Joan Rivers did have a reason to be so aggressive, because otherwise she might have been confronted with this:
Party planner David Tutera, who memorably clashed with eventual Celebrity Apprentice winner Joan Rivers on Sunday's finale, told Barbara Walters on her Sirius XM Radio show Monday that Rivers is "a monster." Tutera was tasked to work with Rivers to plan a charity auction, but he told Walters he quit in part because "Joan and Melissa [Rivers] were completely incapable of giving me their insight on how the party should look. They had zero direction.... In 23 years of being in business, I have never left anyone, no matter how difficult they are to work with. Her behavior towards any human being was so unacceptable to me. [She's] such a monster I cannot begin to even explain."

Tutera, who also hosts the WE-TV show My Fair Wedding, says Celebrity Apprentice producers "manipulated" the situation by telling him ahead of time that he was not to give Rivers any ideas of his own. "When I got into the room and [Joan's team] gave me no ideas," he said, "I was left to sort of stand there and defend myself." When Walters asked Tutera whether he would work for Rivers again, Tutera replied, "Absolutely over my dead body." - Entertainment Weekly
This I would think should have pushed Joan to second place. Sure both players had to overcome losing their event planners, but that was of Joan Rivers making. And with that being the case, it does not matter that Joan managed to work out a better event, since her opponent was sabotaged by her actions. That should have disqualified her. At the least Trump should have took her to task for driving the event planner to quit.

It is a shame that this was not discussed further. And no, Joan is not a Nazi. But she does appear to have a real nasty streak in her.

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Anonymous said...

I AGREEE!! I want to write Trump a letter saying I will no longer watch the Show because of this. Anne should have won

Fred Fry said...

Ah, it is all just good entertainment. In the long run Annie Duke will profit much more from this show than Joan, who, thanks to this show, showed everyone the type of person she can be.

So, while Annie lost, her actions make her the winner and I bet we will be seeing more of her around. (At least I hope so, because she is not only smart, but super hot!)

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Fronge said...

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