Tuesday, May 19

Senator SmartAss: "We will never allow terrorists to be released in United States"

So we have Senator Reid spouting this stupidity:
We will never allow terrorists to be released in United States - Weekly Standard
Right, instead they plan to release these terrorists into other countries.
PARIS (AP) — A French official says a Guantanamo Bay prisoner who was at the center of a Supreme Court battle has arrived in France.

France agreed to take in Algerian prisoner Lakhdar Boumediene as a gesture to the Obama administration.

French Foreign Ministry spokesman Eric Chevallier says he arrived Friday in France after his release from the U.S. prison earlier in the day.

Boumediene was arrested along with five other Algerians in 2001 in Bosnia. He was suspected in a bomb plot against the U.S. embassy in Sarajevo. - Associated Press
See. No need to fear these terrorists, as long as they don't plant them near you. Of course he was only suspected of being a terrorist because he was arrested before bombing the US Embassy in Sarajevo.

Criminals are terrorists too. And Democrats are real good at releasing criminals from prison. So the Senator is a liar.

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