Sunday, May 25

North Korean Snipers Killing Refugees Along the Chinese Border

As the world still whines about 'US cruelty' at Guantanamo, they continue to ignore the crimes against humanity taking place in North Korea. Perhaps because they are all accomplices in sustaining the North Korean regime. Well, as things normally go when going badly, they get worse:
Credible reports of “shoot-on-sight” order given to NK border patrol re: NKRs trying to cross the border illegally. One activist reported that snipers are now being posted at elevated positions above the river, giving them a wider view and a longer time to train their scopes on fleeing NKRs. This same activist reported finding several NKRs floating in the Tumen River with telltale small bullet holes in one side of the body at the entry point, and a much larger hole at the bullet’s exit. Even in the five days I stayed near the river, I saw ample evidence of high-powered searchlights at night on the NK side and was later informed by local CN [Chinese national] residents that the searchlights are used to detect NKRs seeking to approach the river under the cover of darkness. - One * Free * Korea
The North Koreans are doing this because they know that they can. Because they know that no one is going to stop them. They know this because EVERY SINGLE TIME they have been caught red-handed, whether counterfeiting currency, smuggling drugs, selling weapons to rogue states, even killing US soldiers without being subject to any sort of punishment that meant anything to the country's leadership. It is that country's leadership that has held its citizens hostage. It is a relationship that has worked pretty well for them to this point, even getting the US to start delivering food again to them recently. This of course was out of some misguided attempt to try and save the North Korean people. As I pointed out before, you cannot save the North Koreans as long as the current Government remains in power.

This is what I wrote early last year:
Now I am going to make a safe guess and say that none of the UN Programs in North Korea have benefited anyone other than North Korea's leadership. Sure, you can point out all the food aid that has been delivered to the country, but you can't prove that it actually made it to the people, instead of say, being diverted to their army. Even if the food did make it to people last year, what about this year? The aid is just delaying a poor outcome. - 1 Feb 07
I guess that this is what I meant by delaying a poor outcome: Most of the population starving and those desperate enough to try and escape to China are being shot down like dogs.

The US, UN, South Korea and others might as well be giving the North Koreans the bullets to do it. Because giving the North Korean Government food, is freeing up food to feed the shooters.

NOTE: Read the whole story at the link below, including information on how the Chinese are aiding the North Koreans, partly to protect the Olympics.


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