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Is New Mexico Issuing Illegal Alien Terrorists Drivers Licenses?

This is unsettling, but not surprising:
ALBUQUERQUE — The FBI has arrested 10 illegal immigrants as part of an investigation into an alleged smuggling operation that involved the use of fake documents to obtain New Mexico driver's licenses. - The Santa Fe New Mexican
Apparently, the New Mexico DMV had been issuing drivers licenses based on fake documents for months.

It gets much worse:
The case began two weeks ago when a Motor Vehicle Division employee reported that two people appeared to be using fraudulent information to get a driver's license. Those two turned out to be illegal immigrants and were arrested by customs agents.

Investigators learned that several illegal immigrants living in New Mexico were charging thousands of dollars to help other illegal immigrants travel to the state to get licenses, said FBI spokesman Darrin Jones.

The FBI said the illegal immigrants being brought to the state were of "special interest" because their home countries are associated with special national security concerns. The FBI would not identify the countries. - The Santa Fe New Mexican
Now which countries could those be? Terror supporting countries to be sure. After all, if they were just a bunch of illegal aliens from Mexico, they would say so. What probably tipped off DMV was that these guys, whoever they were, didn't look like latinos. Maybe their fake documents claimed they were. The story mentioned that dozens of illegal aliens received fake documents from this group and they were all of the 'Special Interest' variety. (At least on the good side, we should not have all their photos. though that is probably of small benefit.)

This is yet more evidence that the Government has learned nothing from 9/11. Of course, New Mexico is one of the states that has no problem giving illegal aliens drivers licenses as they do not require any proof of legal residence in the US, just in the state. In the case of New Mexico, we can thank Democrat Governor (and Former Presidential Candidate) Bill Richardson for helping out these illegal aliens:
In 2003, Gov. Bill Richardson signed a measure into law that allowed foreign nationals — including those living illegally in the country — to obtain a driver's license. His office has said that one of the deciding factors in signing the bill was public safety. - The Santa Fe New Mexican
Nothing like helping illegal aliens break the law in the interest of public safety. Now it could be that none of these illegal aliens are anything but people looking for a new life. But unfortunately for us, we all have to hope that New Mexico was lucky enough not to issue identity documents to people looking to harm the United States. Unfortunately, hoping to be lucky is a poor strategy when it comes to national security, as the State of Virginia learned as a result of 9/11.

Ahmed al Ghamdi’s photo as it appeared on his Virginia identification card upon presentation of a false residency certificate on August 2, 2001. Hani Hanjour, Khalil al Mihdhar, Ziad Jarrah, Abdul Aziz al Omari, Majed Moqed, and Salem al Hazmi also obtained Virginia identification cards fraudulently, a process begun in each instance by using false residency information. - Journal of Homeland Security

For the moment, VA now has much stricter rules for issuing drivers licenses. We should not need another terror attack for these other states to learn this lesson as well.

This also seems to be yet another example of how much BS the democrat cry is about how poor people can't afford a drivers license, considering that these illegal aliens were paying thousands of dollars to obtain their licenses, and they didn't have the benefit of unemployment or welfare to pay for them.

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