Monday, May 19

Rep. Tom Davis - Good Riddance

I have said before that the road to victory in the next election for Republicans does not start with trashing President Bush.
The path to the White House does not include stabbing the current President in the back. Leave that to the Democrats. - FFI 1 June 2007
Apparently someone forgot to tell Virginia Representative Tom Davis:
Rep. Tom Davis (R-Va.) thinks that President Bush is "absolutely radioactive" and that any Republicans close to the him will suffer electoral consequences.

Davis, who made waves for a shockingly bleak memo about the electoral outlook for the GOP this fall, tells Bloomberg TV in an interview that will air tonight that GOP members have "got to get some separation from the president." - The Hill
What Republicans really need is a separation from earmarks, not the President. Speaking of earmarks, seems that this Congressmen is a real porker:
Representative Tom Davis (R-VA) is requesting the House of Representatives to consider an amendment (H.R. 3496, as revised) to the Deep Water Energy Resources Act (H.R. 4761) that would divert $1.5 billion of federal revenues earned through offshore drilling to subsidize the deeply troubled Metro transit system serving the nation’s capital and his congressional district. If enacted, this earmark would be one of the largest ever passed—seven times larger than Alaska’s “Bridge to Nowhere” and twice as large as Mississippi’s “Train to Nowhere.” This earmark would reward Metro’s poor performance with an astounding sum of money while enabling the system to put off essential reforms. - Heritage.Org
This Congressman is one of the reasons why Republicans in Congress are having problems. Others in Congress see what this clown has been up to for years and they quickly say 'me too!' This guy doesn't get it that the real problem is that the reason Republicans are losing elections is that they are acting like Democrats, so the voters are merely voting for the 'better' Democrat.

I would like to think that this guy is going away, but then I read this:
Davis has been mentioned as a possible replacement for current NRCC chair Rep. Tom Cole (R-Okla.) following three straight special election defeats for the GOP. - The Hill
Wow, what a bad idea. Definitely, not the direction to move in if the Republicans want to regain control of Congress. Also, this is clearly a sign that the Republican leadership still is not listening to its constituents. They need someone who is going to control spending and kill Republican earmarks so that the abusive act can be used as a whacking stick against Democrats. This guy is not that person.



Consul-At-Arms said...

I've quoted you and linked to you here:

TSB said...

Davis has been my Representative, and before that my County Supervisor, for 22 long years, and I couldn't be happier he's leaving office. I expect he saw the writing on the wall last November when his lovely wife, Jeannemarie Devolities Davis, lost her State Senate seat to a socially-conservative Democrat.