Saturday, June 2

Gingrich 2008

Newt Gingrich claims to be considering a run for President in 2008. I have one suggestion for him, and the other Republican Candidates who are looking for the Conservative vote;
The path to the White House does not include stabbing the current President in the back. Leave that to the Democrats.
At issue is an interview Mr. Gingrich made recently to the New Yorker Magazine where he was highly critical of the President, including blaming him for the poor showing Republicans made in the mid-term Congressional Elections.

It is not President Bush's fault that Congressional Candidates did poorly in the 2006 Elections. It was their own poor behavior that is responsible for Democrats being in control of Congress at the moment. (That is, if you can say that they are in control.)

As a number of people has said, the Republicans deserved to lose Congress. It is only that the Democrats did not deserve to win it. It was their fear of losing that drove them to act irrational, abandoning the President, and their core agenda, which resulted in their loss. How ironic.

Mr. Gingrich's comments are unfortunate as I had been interested in seeing him enter the race, almost as much as Fred Thompson. (Thinking of the Thompson - Gingrich possibility.) I am not so sure any longer. At the very least, this is not a good way to kick things off.

Funny thing is, many of those who hate President Bush, hate Gingrich almost as much.

Gingrich Lambastes President and Rove - NY Times

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