Thursday, May 29

Ford F-150 Truck - 'Not for Britain' (Video Review)

Here is an amusing review of the Ford F-150 truck, from a British point of view:



Great presentation. He pans the truck, but that's OK. The comments really balance it out. Like this one:
I actualy like that show but that was a poor review. All the fit, finish, and steering issues were caused by the RHD conversion. I've been an F-150 owner a long time, F-150's are great rucks, Lighting's are awesome trucks. The truck wasn't built for their gay country anyways.

First I must say That I'am Canadian. Secondly the reason english peoples dont buy trucks is because gas is expensive they have no need for them because England is small ugly and kinda a shitty country conpared to canada or the usa...but english people are cool...but their country sucks...sorry
And just think, nobody is going to get their head chopped off over this...

Ford F150 Pickup Truck - YouTube


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