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Hawaii SuperFerry Update: From Protests to Pleas!

As everyone knows, when the Hawaii SuperFerry initially started service it was met with violent, irrational and demanding protesters when it attempted to call at the island of Kauai. The end result was that the ferry service decided to skip the island entirely, instead deciding to build up the company's business servicing the island of Maui instead, to the point of offering two trips a day instead of one trip to each island. As their website notes, service to Kauai is suspended indefinitely, despite having all the legal barriers preventing them from sailing there lifted:

Kauai Service

A date for commencing service to and from Kaua‘i has not yet been determined. We are working with the community on Kaua‘i and listening to their concerns. We will make our decision about when we commence our Kaua‘i service once that process is completed. - HSF
They are probably still interested in avoiding the type of circus that went on the last time the ship visited the island, or at the very least, are not interested in offloading their passengers into a crowd of violent protesters. I don't blame them. Take this from a commenter left on my original post on this matter:
Why would you encourage people to get in the middle of a pitched battle?

We don't take this whale killing military project lightly. And we don't feel too friendly to anyone who rides it to our island. - FFI

Typically, this would be the end of the story, however Kauai is now facing serious cargo supply problems as one airline has gone bankrupt as well as reduced service by a second airline. That is a real problem since, being an island, it can't be supplied by road or rail. To make matters worse, their ocean cargo is transshipped from Honolulu.
LIHUE » Dick Botti, president of the Hawaii Food Industry Association, said his constituents are already feeling the pressure of Aloha Airlines' cargo service shutdown in their grocery aisles, especially on Kauai. That is why he is pushing for a return of the Hawaii Superferry to Kauai, something executives at the company would not rule out last night.


Starting today, companies with direct shipping of perishable goods such as bread and milk will have to pay more to bring their goods to Kauai or do without, he said. Anything with a finite shelf life that has to be rotated on a regular basis will eventually be affected by the closure, as higher shipping prices and a lack of space squeeze the market, said Botti. - Star Bulletin
Something tells me that most of the original protesters would still be against the return of the SuperFerry, which appears just fine with other Hawaiians who in the comments of the story both offer no sympathy for Kauai inhabitants while pleading for the SuperFerry to consider servicing the Big Island instead. The comments for the story above are really amusing to read. This one really gets to the heart of the issue, in that at the end of the day, what do you really consider important:
Kauainas you no like SF, how do feel about toilet paper! - Star Bulletin Honolulu Commenter 'Hardcore'
The next couple of months should be interesting. How long before there is a lawsuit against SuperFerry demanding that service to their wacky island be resumed?

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Joe said...

There is a hard core element that is against any kind of advancement. They fantasize about life before western civilization arrived to their shores.
The curious thing is that 99% have haole blood flowing through their veins. There is nothing better than self hating moonbats.