Tuesday, June 3

Jet Lag for Toddlers 101: Midnight = 5P.M.

I totally had no clue how lucky I was the first night here. My wife ran off to her sister's bachelorette party leaving me alone with the 1 and 3 year olds for an overnighter for the first time ever. All went well and they were in bed for the night at 9P.M.

Then came the following night. They were in bed by 8P.M. and both were up by 11P.M. We didn't get them back to bed until 02:30 in the morning. Last night we got the older one to keep trying to sleep which finally worked. The younger one however ended up getting a midnight stroller ride through downtown to try and trick him into sleeping. But there was too much to see on the streets. On the quiet streets there were small bars and people walking their dogs as well as the odd seagull hunting for food. Then the main streets had a good deal of foot and car traffic. So the walk was a bust. Other than getting a photo of him at the most popular meeting spot in Helsinki. Under Stockmann's Clock.

So, even though it was midnight here, his body was still on New York time, which was only 5P.M. And no amount of explaining was going to get him to think otherwise. Thankfully he went to bed soon after returning probably because all the rest of us were in bed and all the lights were out.


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