Monday, June 16

The Finnish 12-Beer 6 Pack

Finns are well known for being a bunch of alcoholics. Leave it to them to have 6 packs of beer that contain 12 beers. Kind of a double six pack. They are pretty cool and used to be a cheaper way to buy beer, but in all the wonder that is the Finnish Government, they outlawed discounts for bulk purchases of beer. So now a twelve pack of bottles should cost twelve times the cost of one. They say this is being done to fight alcoholism. This is somewhat idiotic because if a Finn wants to drink ten beers, he will drink until he has had enough or until he runs out of money.

This also ignores the fact that Finns travel to Germany and Estonia to import beer by the carload. But as far as the politicians are concerned, they only see that the sale of beer and alcohol in Finland has gone down, ignoring the fact that Finns are just getting their alcohol elsewhere or even making it themselves. When living here I managed to drink punch made with pure alcohol which is cheap when obtained with a doctor's prescription. I was also told how some people manage to take car window washing fluid and make it drinkable, by pouring it over a freezing cold plate where the poisonous ingredients freeze to the plate.


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Martin-Éric said...

It's not just that they only see the alcohol being sold in Finland; the world outside Finland simply doesn't exist, according to this country, on any matter of life. No EU, no immigration, no tourism; only Finns, Finns and more Finns; Finnish it, Finnish this, Finnish that.

I invented a very nice word for this: minuttelu. I guess the English speaking word would translate this as "me, myself and I", but minuttelu says it best.

Justin (of Itching for Eestimaa blog) had a nice post about this recently: about how Estonians talk about "going to Europe" whenever they exit the country borders to visit the neighbors.