Tuesday, June 3

Finland's Playgrounds - Lawyer's Paradise

So we are here with the kids in Finland and of course we need to go to the local playgrounds here. There is one thing that strikes you immediately. This is what a playground would look like if the world had no lawyers.

Take for example the spinning-tilting, see-saw of death.

This thing goes up and down like a see-saw but also swings around 360 degrees. And while it is doing that, it will also swing sideways. This thing is lots of fun to play with and definitely dangerous if you happen to walk in it's path, or fall off and forget to duck as it comes around. A true concussion machine. A true playground toy. I want one.

Then there is the rope climb of death.

This is a good one to see children dropping from great heights as it is easy for them to climb much higher than their ability to do so safely. This one too is loads of fun even for adults, who also can become gravely injured while playing with their children. This would be another one to bring back to the playgrounds in the US. So if you are around with your kids, be sure to give these things a try, before the lawyers here ruin it all. Then again, they have national health care here, so perhaps it doesn't matter.



Anonymous said...

why don't you lock your kid in a glass bowl and throw the key into the ocean?it will be safe in there for ever. or just turn it into a stuffed toy and put it neatly and safely on a shelf.thats even more convenient.

Fred Fry said...

Clearly you missed the point of this post. Lawyers make the world less fun...

Better yet, the people who sue over everything make the world less fun.

Anonymous said...

who makes that pyramid of ropes? i want to buy one but cannot find where!
Thx, i'm nomad409904@gmail.com