Wednesday, June 4

Helsinki City Apartment Bathroom

Here is a photo of the bathroom of our rental apartment in Helsinki, Finland.

As you can see the towel drying rack is on the left. This is also where the shower is. On the far left is the edge of the shower curtain that closes off that little alcove for when your taking a shower. That is all the space as I took the photo from the doorway. Many city apartments have small bathrooms but this is the smallest I have seen yet. Forget bathtubs. I have only seen one apartment that had one. Actually, I think I have only seen three bathtubs in all of Finland and one of them was in a hotel room. They are a very rare item. One friend told me that they were seen as dangerous, but I think that is B.S. (If your living in Finland, feel free to email a pic of your batroom if you want it posted here.)


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Anonymous said...

So I should be happy having my own bathtub. Actually looking for apartments right now(~100): none of them had a bathtub. Seems as if especially newly build apartments/houses favor showers. Markus